Frequently Asked Questions
We try to answer common questions with our FAQs, so please take a moment to browse these helpful articles. If none of this applies to your case, reach out with this Contact form
I lost or broke my phone. Are my chess books gone forever, too?

No need to panic - your books are safe! All you have to do is log in to your new device and download your books - all of them will be listed as owned, so no additional payment will be necessary. Subsequently, you can also restore all purchases on a mobile device by selecting "Restore purchases from the cloud" in the cloud menu.

I bought another ebook on Kindle, Nook, or iBooks. Can I read it on Forward Chess?

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, it is currently not possible to import any files (books or chess databases) into the app. Please note that we use a special format for ebooks here at Forward Chess (it's how we get all the interactive elements in there) and book purchases from other devices like Kindle, Nook, etc. aren't compatible with that.

Can I upload my ChessBase database to Forward Chess?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to import chess databases (PGN, CBH, etc) into the app.

Does Forward Chess work on jailbroken iPads?

No. Allowing Forward Chess to work on jailbroken iOS devices would be a violation of our contractual obligations.