Frequently Asked Questions
We try to answer common questions with our FAQs, so please take a moment to browse these helpful articles. If none of this applies to your case, reach out with this Contact form
Can I use the app as an analysis board while traveling?

Yes! You can manually enter moves in the game positions inside the book or use the in-built Stockfish engine. However, it is not possible to set up a position from scratch on the chess board.

Can I play chess with the app?

This feature is not directly possible, nor is Forward Chess designed for the purpose of playing a game. However, the workaround to achieve this is to open a board inside the app, switch ON the Stockfish engine (Engine toggle icon to the upper right-hand side of the interface) and play your moves against the engine recommended lines.

Can I use the app to play a two-person game?
FC is not primarily designed for this purpose, but a workaround is to create a new board inside the app, then make a move by tapping the board and ask your friend to play for the other side. Now, enjoy the game!
Can I use Forward Chess to open my favorite PDF or PGN files?
It is currently not possible to import files into Forward Chess application. You can use the search box inside the store to locate your favorite book, purchase it and continue your study.
If I close a book, will Forward Chess remember where I left off?
Yes! When you open the book again, Forward Chess will automatically jump to where you left off.
Can I bookmark a particular spot?
This feature is currently possible on Android and iOS only. While reading a chapter, just tap the options icon. (In Android, the options icon depicts three vertically stacked dots. In iOS, the options icon shows three stacked horizontal lines, each with a small circle superimposed over it.) In both versions, the icon is located in the upper right-hand corner on the far right. Once you have tapped the options icon, tap “Bookmark.” Then create a name for your bookmark and save it. To jump to one of your saved spots, tap the options icon, select “Bookmark,” and then tap the name of the bookmark to which you want to jump.
Can I take notes?
Yes, of course! While viewing a chapter, tap the options icon (the three vertical dots on the far right) and tap “Add Note.” This feature is not possible on the desktop version so far.
Can I upload my ChessBase database to Forward Chess?
Currently, it is not possible to import chess databases (PGN, CBH, etc) or other ebooks (PDF, EPUB, etc) inside the app.
Can I sync my purchased books between iOS and Android devices?
Yes. Purchases made after registering with Forward Cloud can be synced between platforms, but you need to be logged into the Forward Cloud.
How can I use Forward Chess on my computer?

Forward Chess is also available for Windows and Mac desktop/laptop computers. You can download the latest version here: Windows, Mac

How can I suggest a feature to add?
Please share your thoughts with us. We value user feedback highly and are constantly striving to improve Forward Chess. Our email is
Can I sample a book before buying it? Are samples free to download?
Yes! You can download the free sample of any book on the Forward Chess store. In the "Store" tab, locate your favorite book using the search box. Click/tap the "Sample" icon and the download will begin shortly. The Sample will appear in your books section.