Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Forward Chess?

Forward Chess is an interactive Chess e-book reader for mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows and Mac). You can purchase your favorite ebooks from leading publishers, play through the moves in the book, try out your own lines and even analyze with the powerful Stockfish engine.

What are the advantages of purchasing a book on Forward Chess?

- Instant purchase of your favorite eBooks from best-selling publishers.

- No shipping costs (eBooks are available for access/download immediately after purchase).

- Take your chess library with you anywhere you go.

- You don’t need a physical chess board. The built-in chess board and Stockfish engine will help you to study your favorite books.

- Sync your chess library between all your devices (Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web).

- Free publisher corrections and book updates.

- Personalize your experience by changing font size and chess board/set theme.

- Bookmarks and Notes features for enhanced reading experience.

Can I Read Books Offline?

In Mobile apps (iOS and Android) it is possible to download books in the app and read them without Internet connection.

In Desktop (Windows and MacOS) and Web apps, Internet connection is required in order to access books.

How many books are on Forward Chess?

There are currently over 670 titles available, with more titles constantly being scheduled for release every month. List of the books can be found here.