The Forward Chess app is absolutely free . Currently, we offer two free sample books: GM Sergey Shipov’s “On Life and Chess” and GM Lluis Comas Fabrego’s “True Lies in Chess . ” We also offer free samples of our other books, most of which range from $1.99 to $19.99 . Book price and currency unit may differ from country to country .
Register or Log in to your FC cloud . Locate the store tab in your Forward Chess application . Search for your favorite book and click the "Buy" button . In Android and iOS, this should trigger an in - app purchase prompt based on the payment options provided . In the desktop versions, this will open a browser tab leading to Forward Chess Webstore where you can log in and complete the purchase .
Go to “Books . ” Then click on the title of the book you wish to open .
Yes!When you register an FC Cloud account, your books are associated with the login information provided . When the same account is opened on another android or iOS(or desktop: Windows / Mac) application, it becomes possible to sync between devices and make your purchases available .

You can find the instructions in pdf format for both iOS and Android formats here

Syncing Up Instructions to update previous purchases to the cloud: From iOS: 1) Register in the cloud from iOS 2) In iOS app click "Restore transactions" from "Store" section 3) In iOS app click Cloud, then "Send purchases to Cloud" From Android: 1) Register in the cloud from Android 2) In Android app click Reload Purchases from cloud menu 3) In Android app click Sync to Cloud from cloud menu From Desktop: 1) Follow any of the above instruction using android or iOS 2) Click Sync in your mobile application 3) Click Sync in the desktop version
Yes. Purchases made after registering with Forward Cloud can be synced between platforms, but you need to be logged into the Forward Cloud.
Book deals (slashed price books with a big discount) are published every month through our newsletter and also features on our facebook and twitter pages.