Love stats? We do too! We complied the top #3 best-selling books based on the stats from the last three months. Guess who the winners are?

Top Three Best-Sellers from the last three months:

#3 The Fully-Fledged French

GM Viktor Moskalenko | New in Chess

Moskalenko’s third book on the French defense after the successful “The Flexible French” (2008) and “The Even More Flexible French” (2015). Includes countless improvements, alternatives, new ideas, and fresh weapons in the dynamic and original French mainlines.

#2 Playing the Caro-Kann

GM Lars Schandorff | Quality Chess

The much-awaited guide to the Caro-Kann offers a complete repertoire for Black after 1.e4 c6. Includes cutting-edge analysis, thorough explanations of positional motifs, and instructively annotated illustrative games. Suitable for all Caro-Kann lovers. 

#1 How to Study Chess on Your Own

GM Davorin Kuljasevic | New In Chess

Study chess without wasting your time & energy. A structured study method, and tools for effective long-term improvement.

Top Three Best-Sellers June:

#3 Attacking 1…d5

GM Kiril Georgiev | Chess Stars

Throw your 1…d5 opponents off their comfort zone by dragging them into sharp unbalanced positions. A refreshing approach to both the side of play from a former world top ten grandmaster.

#2 Coffeehouse Repertoire 1.e4: Volume 1

GM Gawain Jones | Quality Chess

Every 1.e4 player’s dream arsenal from a world-class grandmaster. Surprise and confound your opponents using lines that feature a potent combination of surprise value, objective soundness and practical effectiveness.

#1 The Secret Ingredient

GM Jan Markos & GM David Navara| Quality Chess

A grandmaster guide to maximizing your chess results, focusing on key elements of practical play which have received little to no attention in previous chess literature.

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