Once again, our new video series Author Files provides an inside look into the book straight from the source, the book’s author. Whether it is explaining some of the material already included in the book, or providing a little extra insight, this is a chance to learn from the expert. This exclusive video made for Forward Chess, nine-time winner of the British Women’s Chess Championship Jovi Houska highlights some interesting ideas from her book Opening Repertoire: The Caro-Kann.

The Caro-Kann Defense remains a very popular option for Black at all levels of chess. It has always enjoyed a solid reputation, but if anything its popularity has increased in recent years with the realization that the Caro-Kann can also be employed with the intention of reaching sharp dynamic positions, rich in possibilities for both sides and with a guarantee of genuine counterplay for Black. In this book, International Master Jovanka Houska presents a complete Caro-Kann repertoire, which is based primarily on her own repertoire she has used with success over many years at international level. Houska provides a comprehensive update on her popular 2007 book Play the Caro-Kann and focuses on key new developments since then. She offers solutions against all of White’s main options and efficient methods to deal with tricky sidelines. She examines important tactical and strategic plans for both sides and deals with key move order issues.

Check out the video below.

Learn More: Opening Repertoire: The Caro-Kann.



Arun J