IM Greg Shahade

I haven’t bought a physical chess book in over a year and in that same time frame have bought over a dozen books on forwardchess. It’s an easy way to make sure your chess books go with you everywhere and much more practical for the serious player.

NM Elijah Logozar

Forward Chess is an excellent platform for studying chess books, the interactive platform increases efficiency and the prices are generally cheaper than physical books. Highly recommended for players of all levels.

IM Jovanka Houska

I love that I have my chess books on all my devices, regardless of whether I’m carrying my Apple iPad or my android phones. The app makes it super easy to play through chess games and study on the go. It’s a resource I really wouldn’t want to be without. I even managed to do some opening preparation whilst waiting at Georgian Customs office in Batumi!

GM Julio Sadorra

I own numerous Forwardchess books which has allowed me to review my theory and preps almost anytime, anywhere! In addition, Forwardchess has a helpful technical support and customer service team from my experience.


We highly recommend Forward Chess for their excellent e-book selection, user-friendly interface, and the uniquely interactive way this app allows you to practice the exercises in your e-books as you go! We think e-books are a great resource for learning more about chess. You can bring your entire collection everywhere you go, and with this app, you can practice on the go, too. Forward Chess has everything you need to get the most out of your chess e-books no matter where you are!


Steve Hrop

I own 42 Forward Chess app books. The app is far better than any of the competitors. I use it mostly for a “guess the move” approach to the study of grandmaster games that are well annotated. On the iPad, I use landscape mode so the moves and annotations are in the right side of the screen. I hide that part of the screen while I play through the game using the right arrow to make the moves. I guess the best move before seeing what the grandmaster played. After going through the entire game in this manner, I go through it a second time to play through the annotations. Forward Chess is the only app that fully supports this type of powerful training.

Joel Rockey

Forward Chess has become one of my favorite chess apps ever! The ease of use and the variety of book titles makes it an invaluable resource for any serious chess player. The ability to study openings, middlegames, and endgames on my phone, tablet, or computer makes studying chess easy and accessible with a busy lifestyle. Forward Chess is how books should be studied in the 21st Century. Thanks for all the work you do!