Winning Ugly in Chess
Publisher: New in Chess
Author: Cyrus Lakdawala
Contents: 336 pages
Product type: Ebook
Release date: Jun 30, 2019

Chess books usually feature superbly played games. In Winning Ugly in Chess you will see games where weird moves are rewarded. Cyrus Lakdawala knows that playing good chess is all very well, but that beating your opponent is better. He demonstrates the fine art of winning undeserved victories by miraculously surviving chaos, throwing vile cheapos, refusing to resign in lost positions, getting lucky breaks, provoking unforced errors and other ways to land on your feet after a roller-coaster ride. Lakdawala shows how you can make sure that it is your opponent, not you, who makes the last blunder. If you’d rather win a bad game than lose a good one, then this your ideal guide. The next time ‘the wrong player’ wins, you will be that player!