Catastrophes & Tactics in the Chess Opening: Volume 6
Publisher: Independent
Categories: Opening Books
Author: Carsten Hansen
Contents: 163 pages
Product type: Ebook
Release date: Jan 01, 2018

This book is a collection of games played by the best players in the world in which either White or Black wins in 15 moves or less either a result of brilliant chess tactics, an accumulation of mistakes or blunders. The chess opening variations in this volume are all the variations of the Open Sicilian Defense, such as: 1) The Najdorf Variation 2) The Scheveningen Variation 3) The Dragon & Accelerated Dragon Variations 4) The Classical Variation including the Richter-Rauzer & Sozin Attack 5) The Taimanov, Kan & Paulsen Variations 6) The Sveshnikov & Kalashnikov Variations