A Practical Black Repertoire 1
Publisher: Chess Stars
Categories: Opening Books
Author: Alexei Kornev
Contents: 300 pages
Product type: Ebook
Release date: Jun 01, 2017

In addition to the Pirc, the first part of the book covers all possible set-ups in which White refrains from the moves 1.e4 and 1.d4, namely: 1.f4, 1.b3, 1.b4 (Chapter 1), 1.Nf3 (Chapter 2), 1.c4 (Chapters 3, 4). The second part of the book (Chapters 5-9) is devoted to opening schemes in which White does play 1.d4, but then he does not follow up with c2-c4. This is the Trompowsky Attack (d4, Bg5) and the London System (d4, Nf3, Bf4).”