Welcome to Forward Chess! Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know for the best chess reading and learning experience:

Note: the features listed are shown from the web reader, with notes on how to access them from iOS and Android.

Getting the eBook App

Web App

Accessed via the Forward Chess website. Data is saved in the cloud so you can access your books from any device, with no app version updates required.


Download the app from Google Play for Android devices. No internet connection is required to read downloaded books.


Download the app from the App Store for iOS devices. No internet connection required to read downloaded books.

Board Functions & Settings

Tactics Trainer

  • Solve positions in “Tactics Trainer” mode. 
  • You will receive a puzzle rating and can track puzzles you have completed. 
  • You can have both text mode and puzzle mode enabled. This means that it is possible to show viewers the puzzle mode board, and have the solution available next to it. 
  • Note that when you enable tactics mode, it will take off from your last completed puzzle.

 P.S: This red X does not mean that the puzzle is wrong, but rather that it has not been completed. You can stop the puzzles mode by clicking on it. It will become a green tick once solved.


Skip the hassle of searching for material and bookmark important sections that you want to revisit or use in streams.

View any bookmark that you have saved.

Web app: click the bookmark icon on the top bar. To view saved bookmarks, click “My Books” in the top right-hand corner and go to “Bookmarks.”

Highlight & Visuals

The highlight tool enables you to emphasize important information.

Add arrows, circles, or drawings on the board. Different colors are also available.

Notes & Export

Add Notes by right-clicking in any book’s text area and choose “Add/Edit Note” from the context menu. To view saved notes, click “My Books” in the top right-hand corner and go to “Notes.”

Any position can be exported. Right-click on any position to enable the “FEN to clipboard” button and share the position.

Play out any position or paste a position FEN to see a list of books on Forward Chess that match that position! Use the link https://forwardchess.com/position-search to find any position in our large library of chess books.

Make sure to be logged on at read.forwardchess.com to find a position in a book that you own.

Coupon Codes

Enter the code into the first box at checkout Ensure that the code is applicable to your selected book(s) The codes are not case-sensitive


There are over 800 e-books by the most popular publishers in the world.

  • Books can be searched for in the search bar, or according to a category. 
  • Books are categorized according to theme. 
  • Levels of each book are shown: beginner, intermediate, advanced 
  • All books have FREE samples available
  • Books are mostly in English, but there are also books available in Spanish and German
  •  Free books are also available

Products and Features

Take a look at which features are available on all our different platforms (Android, iOS, Web App):

New Features

Additional Buttons

Previous/Next Variation

Forward Chess Apps now have up and down arrow buttons which enable readers to jump between variations easily. These are especially useful to navigate opening books.

Auto Replay

Sit back and relax when playing through a variation with the new Auto Replay button which plays out the moves for you. You can choose the speed of the replay by changing the move delay speed in the board settings menu.

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