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Forward Chess is an interactive app for reading chess books. It allows you to play through the moves in the book you’re reading, try your own lines, and analyze with the powerful Stockfish engine.
Forward Chess allows you to take your chess library with you on your mobile device. You don’t need a board. You can see a diagram of the position after any move simply by tapping it. Electronic chess books have other advantages, too: instant delivery, no shipping costs, and even free publisher corrections and updates.
The Forward Chess app is absolutely free. Currently, we offer two free sample books: GM Sergey Shipov’s “On Life and Chess” and GM Lluis Comas Fabrego’s “True Lies in Chess.” We also offer free samples of our other books, most of which range from $1.99 to $19.99.
Go to the book you wish to purchase in the Store. Then, tap the price beside the book. A dialogue box will pop up, prompting you to purchase the book using whatever payment method you have selected for your Google Play or iTunes store account.
Yes, of course! There are free samples available of every book. Just go to the Store, scroll to the book you wish to sample, and tap “Sample.” The downloaded sample will appear in “Books.”
We currently have over 160 titles available, and we are adding new titles constantly. We usually have new titles available every week.
Books are available from Mongoose Press, New in Chess, Quality Chess, Chess Informant, Chess Publishing, La Casa del Ajedrez, Chess Stars, Russell Enterprises, Metropolitan Chess, Chess Evolution, Russian Chess House, Thinkers Publishing, and various independent authors.
Scroll over the “Books & Periodicals” tab on our website. Then click “Coming Soon!”
You can go to the starting position of any game in any book and enter moves from there. Currently, however, we do not have a feature allowing you to set up a position from scratch.
t’s possible, but it isn’t the principal feature of the app. If you really want to play a game on Forward Chess, simply go to the diagram of the starting position of any game in any book. Play your first move on the diagram. Then, tap the black chip icon in the upper right-hand corner to activate Stockfish 7. You can play the move Stockfish suggests for the other side. This is cumbersome, so we recommend downloading a different app if you just want a computer sparring partner. In a pinch, however, this method will work.
Yes. Go to the diagram of the starting position of any game in any book. Then simply enter your moves on the screen by tapping.