Navigating Chess Books

Go to “Books.” Then click on the title of the book you wish to open.
From the cover page, simply swipe from the right. While reading a chapter, you can click the page icon (left of the king icon) at the top of the screen to view the table of contents.
Simply swipe from the right. You can also click the page icon to view the table of contents and select the next chapter from there.
You can swipe from the bottom of the screen to scroll down. To return to the start of the chapter, tap twice anywhere in the upper region of the text. To go to the end of a chapter, tap twice in the lower region of the text.
Yes! When you open the book again, Forward Chess will automatically jump to where you left off.
Yes. While reading a chapter, just tap the options icon. (In Android, the options icon depicts three vertically stacked dots. In iOS, the options icon shows three stacked horizontal lines, each with a small circle superimposed over it.) In both versions, the icon is located in the upper right-hand corner on the far right. Once you have tapped the options icon, tap “Bookmark.” Then create a name for your bookmark and save it. To jump to one of your saved spots, tap the options icon, select “Bookmark,” and then tap the name of the bookmark to which you want to jump.
Yes, of course! While viewing a chapter, tap the options icon (the three vertical dots on the far right) and tap “Add Note.”
Tap the arrow icon in the upper left hand region of the screen.