Managing Your Chess Library

Of course not! Simply install Forward Chess on a new device and individually download your books again at no cost.
Go to “Books.” Find the book you wish to delete, then long tap it (that is, press and hold over it). The app will give you the option to delete. Tap “Delete” to remove the book, or tap anywhere else to return to your books without deleting it. If you decide later that you do need the book, you can download it again for free.
No! You can delete a book that you have already purchased and download it again for free at any time.
Yes! Within either platform (iOS or Android), you can have a book on multiple devices at the same time. Simply make sure you are logged in with the same account as the one you used to buy the book and download it again – the store will not charge you twice for the same item.
Unfortunately, moving books between iOS and Android is not possible. We would love to be able to provide this feature, but neither Apple nor Google allows it. So, if you have devices of both kinds, you will need to choose which one to use for each book you purchase.
Unfortunately not. Although we’re flattered that you would rather use Forward Chess, those books are in different formats and aren’t compatible.
Possibly! This is up to each individual publisher. You can contact the publisher directly to ask about their discount policy.
Currently, Forward Chess doesn’t allow for uploading or importing outside files.