Chess Evolution

Chess Evolution started publishing books in 2011. The first product was a periodical series of opening books written by Top GMs like GM Bacrot, GM Naiditsch, GM Jobava, GM Vallejo, GM Miton, GM Maze, GM Predojevic and many more Grandmasters who contributed to the project with the idea of being ahead of the current chess theory. Such a team of famous active chess players never existed before !

In 2012 the weekly online Magazine ” Top GMs secrets ” came to the market and is still available, having the most prestigious team including: GM Bacrot,GM Naiditsch, GM Mikhalchishin, GM Balogh,GM Miton, GM Paehtz.

From 2012 Chess Evolution continued producing a wider range of books which were not only focusing on the opening theory, and are an enjoyable read for players of any level.

For Chess Evolution, it was always extremely important to provide professional, high quality products with the best possible chess content inside.

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