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e3 Poison

Sämisch & The Rest

Publisher:Quality Chess

Author:Axel Smith

Price:  **$19.99

Contents:300 pages

Release Date: May 2017

Book Description:When Axel Smith was chasing his final GM norm, he decided he needed a change in his White opening repertoire. ​​Instead of his usual approach of memorizing many concrete moves to try to force an advantage, he would focus on pawn structures and typical plans. The result was a repertoire based on a set-up with the moves d4, Nf3, c4 and e3. It helped Axel Smith to the GM title, and led to the creation of e3 Poison.

The Complete French Advance

The Complete French Advance

Publisher:New In Chess

Author:Evgeny & Vladimir Sveshnikov

Price:  **$19.99


Release Date: July 2017

Book Description:The Sveshnikovs clearly explain the ideas and plans for both sides and provide exercises and test positions. After reading and studying this book, White players, from amateurs to Grandmasters, will make their opponents’ lives even more difficult.​

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The Hyper Accelerated Dragon

 Publisher: Thinkers Publishing

 Author: Raja Panjwani

 Price: **17.99

 Contents: 220 pages

 Release Date: July 2017

 Book Description: “One of the remarkable things about the Accelerated Dragon is its appeal to players with vastly different styles. In this book International Master Raja Panjwani presents a repertoire for Black demonstrating a dynamic way to fight 1. e4 from the second move. “

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